Monday, May 5, 2008

back home in Idaho!

well, here I am .... back home in Idaho! BB & me got to Colorado Springs ~ a tad delayed ~ still, what a journey. A God thing you know .... standing, singing, in a holy moment. I know for sure I walked away inspired, educated and knowing I got a word (maybe more than one!) from God. We did the touristy (is that a word? I'll make it a word) things ~ laughed, talked and just hung out. THANK YOU MR. READER...... do you know that it was Christmas in May? Yep! It was my Christmas gift from Douglas. He planned, executed the whole trip and budgetted the whole thing himself ~ so that BB & ME could "play" ..... what a man! That's my man!! I have so many "things" to share .... photos too! Just had to say Good Monday Mornin'.

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