Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Golden Bee on Derby Day!

This Irish pub is located near the Broadmoor Hotel. Incredibly enough, BB & me (I know incorrect English, but it looks better than BB & I) were able to get out of the Beth Moore Conference parking lot in less than 5 minutes (really!) with 10,000 women in attendance! And this was where we dined for lunch. Too much fun! I think I drank enough ice tea to float a battle ship ... but wait we weren't visiting Annapolis ~ we were heading off to the view of the Big Blue Boys ~ the AF Academy!
This was a delicacy! and it was my lunch. Yes, I let BB taste it! She enjoyed the famous fish & chips. Oh, this is the restuarant that throws bees (material ones thank you very much!) and they stick on you jacket. fun fun fun!! BTW, Big Brown won the Derby in Louisville at Churchill Downs. He was the favored, you know! Maybe the CLGW should do the Derby one year!
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