Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Terrific Tuesday ... it is Tuesday right?!!

Thank you all for sharing my sorrow over Sandy Dog.
As if God knew (and you know He did!) I had the most incredible time today. TERRIFC TUESDAY!! Understanding that being alone isn't bad/wrong .. but a treasured gift. Also, because my community is having a yard sale Friday and Saturday, Doug and I decided to participate .... what's was I thinking? ... I had forgotten how much work it is to set up ... go through everything ... put it all back correctly, you know! .... price it all ... is it really worth 10 cents?! .... get tables .... set it all out ... get change .... get bags ~ you know what I am talking about! And to top it all of "being busy" could be one of my many middle names, yet, God in His splendor is "talkin'" to me ~ of which, I am thankful. A dear neighbor came by and said "let's do this together" ~ now, you are all thinkin' I thought you said being alone ain't that bad ... well, I DID! and when I finally surrender it all ... God goes ahead a blesses me ~ go figure!!! What a treat it was to work with my neighbor. Dear neighbor you are a blessing (she doesn't read blogs .. so, she'll never ever know I'm talking about her!) I felt kinda guilty b/c she only had maybe 6 items ... to my 600 items ~ and she, bless her heart, helped me price all my junk! One persons junk is someone elses treasure ~~~~> it better be true!! Cause my garage is full already .... I'm wondering what else there is to sell????

xoxox, m

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LoRi said...

Good luck with the big sale!