Thursday, May 8, 2008

GARDENING .. I can't wait !!!

I love to garden. Actually darlin' hubby and I landscape together. He's the workhorse of the two of us ... I tend to be the more whimsical ~ dreamer type. Oh and he let's me do quirky things in the yard. That's where this blog is headed ... I have dreams of finding an old typewriter ... planting it strategically and growing something from within it! And b/c Sunday is Mother's Day ... we plant, dig, rearrange, plant some more, dream of colors, and all that kind of stuff!! Oh, I can't wait!! I can barely contain myself. Are you planting anything unusual that I should try?? Or do you know of a great little shop that I could find a typewriter inexpensively? What else can I display? ........ the ideas are endless!!


Natalie said...

I LOVE the typewriter idea! OMG, that sounds SO CUTE! My husband asked me what I wanted to do on Mother's Day and I told him all I want to do is get out there and plant my vegetable gardens, some flowers, my seeds, etc. etc. To me, that is a glorious day!!! :)

Good luck on that typewriter...

Jann said...

Hey girlfriend.....LOVE the typewritter idea....that is so cool....and being a florist for like EONS I think its wonderfully ingenious!!I have planted....drum role please....last year a beatufiul Magnolia Bush. Everyone here won't grow...and guess what? It survived the winter...OMGosh...and has blooms on it as I speak. I am in amazement as I was told it would not survive. But low and is! (I'll take some cool pics soon) So thats my OMGosh planting story. I know its no big deal but when you live here on the frozen is a HUGE deal!..LOL And Michi (pronounce Misshy btw) when are you coming back to "muck-luck-land?" Let me know dear one and we'll plan something fun...:o)I don't want to miss you again.
Have a great Mother's Day....:o)