Wednesday, May 14, 2008


okay, a few weeks ago ... literally ... I had dental work done on my upper back tooth. Military issue from the 70's ... and I guess b/c dental technology has changed soooooooo much my teeth are falling out of my head. They are literally cracking. For the most part, I have healthy teeth. However, I HATE DENTISTS. Not that I have anything against them, it's just ... shall we say not natural ... to get all numbed up ~ shots in da mouth ~ drilling, exploring, pulling, pricking and whatever they do all so technical and stuff .... and thank goodness there are great dentist in the world. But, back in the days (1970's) it was said (and not every agreed with it!) that military dentists were NOT the best of the best and weren't up to the latest and the greatest ....... (I have horror stories to tell you ... I am living proof!)

all this to say ........... I'm headed back to the dentist tomorrow AM to have work done on the opposite side lower tooth ..... it's not my favO'rite thing to do ... heck, I'd rather get ready for the bigO' bigO' yard sale any day .... maybe even clean a toilet or two (did I just say that -- don't tell my boys!) .... or call my friends, or ~ you know what I mean!! I do NOT like it Sam I Am!!

so .... here's hoping my teeeeeeeeeeeeth are better as the days go bye!!


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Hi Michelle! I'm lifting you up in prayer for the dentist visit, I hope you will find, as I just recently did, that they have come a looonnnggg way.

Here's hoping it all is less icky than you think! (and I usually just pray during the whole thing!:) )
xo Lidy

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Michelle!

Oh my how I am so glad that dentistry has come a long long way! I never in my life thought I would look forward to my dentist visits...but I do!! :o) Years ago I would be to the point of tears and panic just thinking about it! My dentist is gentle, kind and simply terrific! You will be just fine, I too remember those military dentist days and thank goodness they are all behind us!



Kim Ross said...

How'd it go @ the dentist? Hope it was nice & easy. :)

Jann said...

LOL...Oh sentiments EXACTLY darlink! I HATE HATE HATE the dentist. Hey my parents made me go to one in my youth that had Parkinson's desease!!!! No kidding! Shook like a leaf and gouwd and shot me every which way...hurt like heck!I will NEVER forget that. But tech. being what it is these days...never fear my dear...I have returned to the Dentist as well.MUCHO different than before! LOL
So darlink...take a breath....have a smile going"in" and a BIGGA smile...."coming out!"
Show me those pearly whites! LOL
Hugs from the hics....LOL