Friday, August 1, 2008

T.G.I.F !!! you decide

TGIF = Toes Go In First (how do you put your shoes on?) or Thank Goodness It's FRIDAY. It is Friday ~ August 1st. Come to think of it maybe I do need a new pair of shoes .... (VBGGGGGG) The joy of today is that a new friend/neighbor has invited us out on his boat with his wife. How cool is this .... for me to get to meet new people (one of my very favOrites!) and go out on a boat!!! (one of my very favOrites ~ a top 5er!!). So, I'm anticipating the day away for the w/e to begin. I hope all of you have worked hard so you can play much harder over the weekend. Have a great one .... talk to you all Monday. m

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Jann said...

GREAT advice my dear....hope yenjoy yourself and have a fun and safe time....
<----dancing around the room....I'll be in Boise Monday for tthe week!!!! Stop by Archies to say hello. Would LOVE to see you. Brin will be there Tuesday as well.
Huggers from the windy city,