Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rexburg/Sugar City IDAHO

So, Doug had business in Sugar City for 3 days and I decided to tag along. I never thought about the weather being much cooler but to say it is much cooler is an understatement. To the point, I will be on a search and rescue mission today in hunt for a windjacket! It's beautiful over here, and interesting. It's an hour from Yellowstone Nat'l Park. But today, I have a PIC (partner in crime) that lives over here and we are going to crop!! I have a huge project to get started on. Jann often heads to boise (b/c her darlin' beautiful daughter lives there) so I get to hangout with her today! I am so lucky!! just to "talk dirty" as the TXN's in my life would say ... the degree of temperature tis' morning was 47. They hate when I talk that way. I told them I had a sol'n to their woes...... come visit and escape the heat ~ but do they listen??!!! and BTW, that is an open invite to all of you ~ the Reader Inn is always available, just call for your RSVP! have a great day. m

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