Wednesday, August 20, 2008

sk8ters .... KKSM

these kids and ministry ROCK. King of Kings Skate Ministry. If you ever have a chance to view
their exhibit .... it is worth the wait, the drive .... take every skater you know ... take your friends ~ male and female .... take the local high school.
meet Elijah ...... he is way cool .... on fire for Jesus .... and an incredible manueverable talented skater!! and they can build stuff too. He had a bucket of at least 500 bolts and knew where they all went.
I'm telling you these boys got it goin' on!!! and they're smart too!!
set up and building day!!!

check out on the web. They've been all over the world!! how cool!! and they are heading west to Portland. Get this .... only God could've worked this out ~ they've been invited by a public correctional institution to come
and do their thing!!! Did you read that? Yep ~~~ a public correctional institution to present the Good News ... don't ya wanna just get up and do your happy dance????? oh, go on .... do it!!!!

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