Sunday, August 24, 2008

explanation !!!

here is my explanation .... in I Samuel 22 it talks about David's men going into a cave .... they were refugees (along with their wives, children and whomever!). They did whatever in THAT cave and emerged as to what the Bible calls "David's mighty warriors". Well, in analysis (yes! I do that too!!) they must've done some kinda bootcampy stuff, encouragment stuff, ICU stuff ~ healing from past wounds, definately friendship building, some construction stuff, I bet the wives even swapped recipes!! Then the left! yep! packed up and went. So as a church community the missional committee has set up 22 different "projects" for the church to "do" ... OCTOBER 3-5 ... the church will be "technically" closed b/c we've left the cave and are in our community. Cool or what? If ya wanna come serve .... cause we've gone servin' ....... let me know and you can join me at the fire houses!! hope you have a great week.


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