Friday, August 15, 2008

p h o t o s ..... living artwork!

hey blogworld! I can't wait to get home to post my photos from this trip. Just daily living things ... but some of it spoke to my heart. I have really really .... I mean really smart friends that know how to adapt a mechanism to my laptop to convert my larger memory sticks ~~~ but we've not connected as yet. So, I'll post them on Monday. PRAYER REQUEST ... Delrine (wife of missionary that operates the orphanages in Lesotho) has been hospitalized for kidney stones. Also, another one that works for Campus Crusade for Christ ... both her mother and brother were killed in a car accident. PLEASE PRAY. Do any of you out there in blogworld have living artwork??????? ... being the photoholic that I am ~ I truly enjoy photos, the DAILYNESS OF YOUR LIVES. Let me know ..... is this thing on? hello .... hello .... hello

xoxox, m

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