Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jann & me .... Idaho Falls

what do 2 blondes do to have fun? we go huntin' ... to shoot our cameras .... we do a search & rescue mission for sales, deals and the sort! (we found this cute boutique in Rigby ~ Scrapalicious!) .... and we solve the world's problems!! and we also configure page layouts, laugh, talk, and all that girl stuff!!
I have tweaked these photos just a bit using Picasa (great photo software by google and it's FREE) ... PHOTO 1 all I did was sharpen effect. PHOTO 2 of course I cropped it, auto lit and sharpen effect. I love that saying "live simply laugh often and love deeply" I think that's what Jann & I discovered. and YES, I do look exhausted ..... Doug and left Boise at 4ish AM.
This is the shop. Owned by Alicia King. located at 190 North 1st West, Rigby, ID 83442 telephone: 208.745.5457 Go check it out! Tell her the 2 blondes sent ya. Oh, before I forget .... I'd like to form a CCC = Camera Chick Club.

PHOTO 3 I used the sharpen effect

and last but never ever least ...... my little shadow ~~~~> Mr. Bentley. oh, he loves me I just know it. PHOTO 4 I used the soft focus. Not that Jann isn't just drop-dead gorgeous (come to think of it ... all my girlfriends are drop-dead gorgeous!) but I wanted to highlight sir Bentley. Honestly, for Halloween Bentley needs a black tophat and an orange bowtie!! End of photo lesson. have a great day!!!
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LoRi said...

Great photos! Glad you two got to hang out together. Looks like you both had fun!