Monday, August 11, 2008

lost LUGGAGE!!!

I know that you all know that there is a black hole! that there is never neverland! that there is blogworld, that there is outter space! that there is a place where lost luggage gets bought and then resold in Scottsdale, ALABAMA. I have been informed that the airlines have NOT, and CANNOT recover my lost luggage! It's lime green (not ordinary black, or everyone owns a brown suitcase) .... it is GREEN with 4 inch numbers ~ a 5 digit number which we all know is a ZIPCODE. 83642 ...... hhhmmm, and it's NOT recoverable?!!! I went through the shock, the crying, the grief, the anger ..... and now just empty. Face value for the "stuff" really is no comfort ... how do I put a $$$ value on my bible? (YES! I've bought a new one ... and the two of us are getting used to one another ever so S L O W L Y) ... and the lost list is long!!!
Thanks for reading .... I just had to get that out!

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