Monday, August 18, 2008

S U M M E R heat .... get out of the kitchen

hello blogworld .... I just have a few thoughts about the endO'summer, heat, and ToDo's!! First of all ~ IT IS HOTTER THAN BLUE BLAZES here in Idaho. I have lived in the heat, haze, and humidity of St. L (shout out to all of you !!) .... and I've been in the depths of TEXAS when you couldn't even breathe b/c of the heat ..... and I've survived a few of those blue blazes places without the comforts of A/C. hhhmmmm .... just a thought wizzed by ~ do ya think God is prepping me for Lesotho in da' summertime?? And .... I do have enough blonde roots (even if some of them are out of a bottle ~ thank you Kim Kelly!!) to get out of the kitchen when it is waaaaaaay past 95 degrees. Dearest LADIES ..... listen up ~ it is a CARDINAL RULE .... that when it is past that temperature ~~~~~ NO ONE .... not any of us are required to turn on the oven or stovetop! That is smartly and accurately found in 2nd Hesitations. Call me for the verse reference!!! and my last thought .... b/c my brain is foggy due to the extreme heat ~~ back to school. Don't get me wrong .... I LOVE LOVE LOVE Summertime!!!! But, the thrill of new school supplies (for myself) and another new season ...... oh, the thought of it!!! Have a cool day ~ grab a big chilled glass of ~~~~ lemonade and sit and sip ever so slowly!!!! BTW, I am available to sit & sip with any of you all. call me!! email me!!! even snail mail will work too!!!!!! .... and the ToDo's ... doug has informed me I can (and should) create an excel spreadsheet for everloving long and gettin' longer list! oh, I know he means well .... and it would make me successful. The daunting task of creating it ~~~ oh Scarlett, ........... ToDo's ~~~ we got 'em ...... and I'm suffering over it .... I've made an executive decision NOT TO SWEAT OVER it!!! join me ~ won't you??!!!


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Jann said...

ICED TEA awaits darlink.....can't wait to se you again!
Bentley sends his love...LOL and is ready to "sneak steal" anything that you'll let him...LOL
Love and hugs,