Monday, August 25, 2008

Auntie Em Auntie Em .... we ain't in Kansas anymore!!

doug and I were eating and we thought the cornfield was on fire .... but NO! it was a storm brewin'. Literally, within 10 minutes this storm blew through. Trees sideways, things blowing down the street.
still out there playing softball (this is my backyard) I won't say what I'm thinking about this!! It's worth clicking on the photo and viewing it up close and in large-living color! and the dust was flying everywhere.
look at this .... thank goodness I had my camera close by so that all of blogword could see it too!

it does look weird. and to top it all off .... the temperature dropped 10 degrees within 30 minutes. It was hot here today ... about 94ish but tomorrow (b/c of this storm) the high will be into the 80's. Go figure!!!

have a great tomorrow!! m
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Jann said...

Be lucky my friend....We have been "blowing around here for years"...and still haven't gone over the rainbow....LOL
Just a normal day here in "Duttonville"....wind is the PITS!
Love the photo's however....
see you soon,