Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday's berries

LOOK at these! just LOOK at them. I couldn't stand it any longer ... so, after church on Sunday I bought them! They are so delicious. darlin' D calls them God's candy, that's how sweet they BE! oh yummy yummy yummy ... come on summertime ... let there be fruits!! I just had to share these pics. oh, and the cost ~~~ drumroll please $8 for 6 pints!! I always wave to this guy on the corner and when my window is rolled down I yell hello (Ola') to him and I smile real BIG too. And if the weather is real icky I take him things ... like a rain poncho, or just kleenex or a hot cup of chocolate ~~ I think, HE thinks I'm loco!! I'd love to share my berries with you! xoxox, m
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natalie said...

Ah, berries, berries, and more berries. When I see that picture it reminds me of growing up in southern California. My mom used to buy strawberries in that quantity all the time! I miss summertime fruit so much!!! I can hardly wait for some summer myself.

I also think it is so incredibly sweet that you bring the guy on the corner selling fruit ponchos, hot chocolate and tissue!!! You are SOOO SWEET!!!

(I was recently stuck on one of our "main" streets...sitting in my car in 7 degree weather, freezing, with my hazards on, and not one person offered to help me! Not even the woman who came out of her house and got into her car and must have seen me parked in front of her house!!! Thank God for my husband and Triple-A. I guess, you just never know what little kind gestures like bringing someone a poncho in the rain will do to lift someone's spirit. And, Michelle, you do that so incredibly well!!!)

Enjoy those berries...yum!!!! :)