Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday 3 ~ as in collections

I have decided to do a Friday 3 ~ as in collections that I own (or want to own). Here are these .... 3 C's = Coca-Cola bottles (technically these belong to Darlin' D ~ but I live with them!!), Candy (YES! Pez dispensers!!) and Cows (as in Mary Moo's Monthly collection). I laugh and smile at myself ... what I collect usually changes as I travel and as the wind blows. So here are the 3 for this Friday. As you can tell I have NOT decided how to display (or even to play with) the candy and the cows. I think I may put the cows in the doll house that great grandpy built of the Fitch Tavern (of which I own!) ~ many moons ago! EVERYONE is invited to come on over to see my stuff and we'll sit a spell and sip some iced tea! I'd love to hear from you all, any ideas and or suggestions ?!! leave a comment of your collections.
happy weekend, xoxo, m
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Rhino-Pez said...

Hi Michelle,
You can find several persons who make/sell displays for your PEZ collection by visiting and clicking on the link for 'displays'...
Happy Pezzing!