Tuesday, February 16, 2010

going Green ...

okay, this is an issue for some and should possibly be for most! What do you do to 'live green?' I know some fanatics ... of which I am not, but I'm doing small pieces of this. What I have done is never using plastic food bags .. yep, I carry my reuseable bags with me. I bought a big RED one in Lesotho and it is my very favO'rite one to use. I have a small green bag that holds the bread excellently. And some (more than NOT!) the stores will give you a .5 - .7 cents refund per bag. OKAY, that may NOT sound like a lot .. but let's do a little bit of math. There are 52 weeks a year and I probably don't shop 4 of those ~~~> so, I'm saving only 2.88 BUT I don't have the plastic that won't ever ever ever go away .. and it makes me feel great! water around here is a HUGE issue .. so, we have water-saving everything! and what else can and are doing to do the GREEN THING? xoxo, m

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natalie said...

That's great Michelle...I cringed a little when I think about how many sandwich size Ziploc bags I use daily for the kids lunches!! :(

But, we are trying to use less "paper" in the kitchen...mainly papertowels. The napkins are a challenge still.

Oh how I remember the water conserving days when we were in LA and SD!!!!