Tuesday, February 23, 2010

continued ~ the HOUSE

here are our 'workrooms, aka: offices'. I have my room (first photo) and darlin' D has his own room! the last 2 photos are different angles of the back wall of the garage ... an extension of darlin' D's office ... due to his massive loving collection and memorablia!! tomorrow I'll show you photos of the family room (where we LIVE!), the dining room and the kitchen ... where we enjoying cooking together.
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natalie said...

Oh Michelle!!! It is SO MUCH FUN to have these sneak peeks into your house! I love it.

Your desk in your workroom is absolutely amazing...I also LOVE all the Coke displays...and, seriously, that is about the coolest garage I have EVER SEEN!!! I had an aunt and uncle that collected Coke memorabilia but nothing like what you have. That is simply amazing!