Monday, February 22, 2010

bathrooms ... 2.5

well, some of you have asked .... let us see your FINISHED home! here are the 2.5 bathrooms. The first one is the 'white' bathroom it is located off of the studio. Down the hall next to the guest room (available to one and all! ~ especially out-of-staters!!) is the 'hawaii' bathroom. And lastly, the master bathroom ... it has 2 showerheads (I know, I'm spoiled) and the toilet closet has a picture of Balboa and the wedge (Newport Beach, CA). tomorrow I'll highlight our work rooms (aka: the studio ~ mine and the library ~ darlin' D's) ... and the garage b/c it is actually an extension of Doug's collections!! until then, toodles ~~ m
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Doug said...

It is great to see the verse here... clearly you home is built on a strong foundation... you are GREAT!!!

natalie said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I love them all! Pretty cabinets and fixtures!

I left a double headed (walk doors!) shower in Idaho. Sigh.