Friday, February 12, 2010

Collections ...

We all have them whether we want to or NOT! COLLECTIONS ... of ?!! here are just 3 of mine ~ seashells (everyone collects these!), walking sticks and matches. Remember when we all collected matches?!! My favO'rite collection is MY FRIENDS!! Happy Friday everyone ... what do you collect currently, what would you like to collect? xoxox, m
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natalie said...

OMG, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the walking sticks and the matchboxes!!! I love how you have them displayed.

I collect so many things! LOL. Right now my newest obsession is birds. I have several little ones in my dining room and I'm planning to embroider some and frame them.

I also collect old typewriters, globes, white dishes...

I used to collect tea cups and tea pots but not so much anymore...sadly, mine are still in a box in the garage waiting for a more permanent home (or my original home back in Idaho!!!). When I was a kid I used to collect foxes.