Friday, February 4, 2011

You say ____ & I say ____

Potatoe or Potawtoe (pronounced Poe-tah-toe)!! It don't matter ... but I must tell you all photo 2 is a delish dish of potatoes (choose your pronunciation!) and one WITH onions and one WITHOUT onions. Why do you ask? Just Life Group doing life together ... and we knows YOU!! KWIM???!! just a laugh among us all. (Pssst ~ darlin' D doesn't like 'em either!!) I one the other hand, enjoy a good onion ~ vidalias, sweet TX 10's, purple, scallions, green, ...
and the first photo ... LOVE IT!! saw this in a store ... and it totally made me smile ... I play a game in my head (don't comment on that one!) with the Names of Jesus ~ no sweeter Name than the Name of Jesus (go on and sing if you want to!) ... sometimes, I even run thru the ABC's with the Names of Jesus (try it!!) ..... aaaaahhhhh. oh & BTW, happy Friday!!
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