Friday, February 25, 2011

L O V E ....

NO CLUE what the connection is between this photo & what I am about to blog! however, earnestly praying .... is a part of my LOVE ... and doing it! I'm reminded when Peter was in prison (Acts 12:5) and the home group (aka Life Group) met to pray ~ earnestly! I bet they kneeled, paced, sang, cried, yelled, whispered, pleaded, wailed, begged, recited Name above all NAMES, promises, glory stories! ~ all to God! Whew ... to pray earnestly for our beLOVEds. Our passionate prayers move the heart of God. (James 5:16) Oh to be a prayer warrior ... that must be it ... PRAYER does impact the flow of history!! imagine ~ being a history maker!  I'm praying!! wanna join me sometime? have a great weekend!! all because of Christ, m
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