Monday, February 14, 2011

L O V E ....

Happy Valentine's Day ..... not about Hallmark at all ~ ALL about God's love ~ for YOU, for me & the world!!!      Love.  
If you want to change something and are not sure what to start with...think about healing your heart and then opening your heart because there is a whole lotta love to give and receive and you do not want to miss it!! (it is tough work but totally worth it....).  Thought =  "My words affect my heart...and my heart affects my words..."    pssst here's an open window of my life ~ yesterday my heart was troubled and my words were totally unkind .. and I blew it completely by opening my mouth!! Yep! I did ..... soooooooo, ALWAYS  remember to refer to these often forgotten rules of LOVE...

"Words BUILD up and TEAR down so THINK before you speak..."
T - are you being TRUTHFUL..Don't be brutally honest, be CLEARLY honest. (there is a difference!)
H - make sure that your words are HELPFUL
I - are you being INSPIRATIONAL
N - is what you are saying NECESSARY
K - are your words KIND

LOVE people with KIND words because KIND words transform worry into JOY (yippee!) "Worry will rob your happiness but kind words will cheer you up" Proverbs 12:12

LOVE people with HONEST words...because honest words make us feel loved. "Speak the truth in love.." Ephesians 4:15

LOVE people with CAREFUL words...because if we use communication as a battle field, we will always loose."Watch your words and hold your tongue. You will save yourself alot of grief" Proverbs 21:23

LOVE people with BUILDING words because building words encourage learning..."Pleasant words promote instruction" Proverbs 16:21

today I choose to L O V E ... and I have many many, even tons of reasons to LOVE ~ because God first loved me!!!

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