Friday, January 28, 2011


I am a dreamer of many dreams ~
to change myself ...  to change my family ... and to change my world!
I had a daily scripture calender that sat on my desk last year and I really really ReaLLy enjoyed it ... often I would get an idea/thought from it but, I don't have a calendar for 2011 like that and I find myself aloss (is that a word?!!) ... so I'm dreaming ~ diggin' deep ... Lord, what? I ask ... haven't gotten a reply yet ~ however, I was blessed to 'have coffee' with some wonderful powerful women this AM (you know the type ~ SPF's = spiritual poweful females!) Last years dreams are gone ... some did come true!! and others I'm still dreaming. 
My dream to make others (CLGW's) happy was a gift for them .. it was a monthly pkg. sent to St. L for them to share!! and I totally enjoyed creating it, praying for them and shipping it off! But that was 2010 .. and it's 2011.
DREAMS to follow Jesus anywhere & everywhere (Lord, is that why we've moved from East coast to West coast over the last 28 years?) My dreams are in LIVING COLORS ~ vivid I tell you! Sometimes I can't remember a second of my dream and other times I can't help but tell anyone every detail of my dream. Scripture tells us that we will dream ... So, Lord reveal to me what You want me to do. Why do I share this with you? Because I know you dream too! And together we can Make A Difference in this world.
My point? I'm getting to it .. I have a lot of favO'rite songs ~ one of my very favO'rites is EVERYTHING by Tim Hughes.   If you go over the my playlist of songs, it's the very last one ~ it's worth listening too!!
God in my waking, God in sleeping, God in my dreaming, God in my hoping ... be my EVERYTHING, be my everyThing, be my everything ... be my EVERYTHING.  That's it ... my attention, my allegiance, my love, my life ~ I'm not famous, I'm not brillant, I'm not gorgeous but ... I'm a child of God! and so are YOU! dream big, risk it to dare to do life with God ... trust ~ venture out ~ do what He calls you to do TODAY! oh and enjoy the ride ... I promise you, God will take you to exactly where He wants you!!


Anonymous said...

Too cool... seek HIS will. Keep dreaming, keep living, keep enjoying. Life is a journey, not a destination. Making a difference everyday, if we can do that, we will rock this world!

Anonymous said...

A whole week and no new posts? Missing the posts from you