Monday, January 10, 2011

HOME ... again home again!

It's wonderful to go away, chill out ~ relax, do the local-yocal things ... visit family ... and yet there is NOTHING like coming HOME! It was a bit of a difficult trip home, darlin' D has extreme back pain. To the point we headed straight to the ER from the airport. Okay, I'll admit ... I had NO CLUE where the ER was even located. Duh me ~ however, no worries I found it .. and about 3.5 hours later, darlin' D was discharged. And now prayerfully and expectantly he will be in recovery.  Your back is not something to mess around with .. it holds you together and it can mess up the rest of your body too! So ... home again home again jiggedy jigg. Dorthy (from the Wizard of Oz) had it absolutely right, "There's NO place like home!"

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