Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1 ~ 11 ~ 11

the elevens!! I have to tell you darlin' D & me have started life journaling ... at first it seemed overwhelming (for both of us!!) but we started. Doesn't the journey begin with the first step?? and who knew? it's NOT that overwhelming and we are reading, journaling, discussing and talking B I B L E. So, the Lord's been showing me ~ "do what is right". I know that, YOU know that, everyone knows it ... do it ~ the lesson over and over is DO WHAT IS RIGHT. So, we're driving down the highway ~ wind in my hair (everywhere) and LQQK what I saw on the back of a vehicle. Grabbed my camera (b/c I go nowhere without a camera!!) ... PONO ~ Do What Is Right. take with you for a day and see what YOU do. Stop back by and let me know ........
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