Friday, June 11, 2010

pushUp POPS ..... OrAnGE

Who knew they sold these? and did NOT tell me? I can remember when I was 9 eating one of the PushUp POP and it had to be ORANGE ... not berry, not green apple and never ever yellow banana. I didn't buy one for myself but I happended to see it at the checkout counter at wallyworld and said to myself "I remember those from 40 years ago!" telling my age. Then I was loading my truck and these 2 precious boys were having a delightful good O'l summer time slurping their very own PushUP POP ... orange!! I just had to take their photos!! (with their mommas permission O' course!) It's friday .. yea ... have a great one. xoxox, m
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Kim Ross said...

I *LOVE* Push-Ups! I haven't seen them in years... going to have to keep looking! :)

natalie said...

I remember push-up pops from my childhood too. I guess that tells my age as well! LOL. Happy Monday!

Lisa said...

What a FUN POST this one is! Those kids do bring back summertime memories. Honestly....I can't remember the last time I've seen those either!