Thursday, June 17, 2010

coffee ... the LIST is long!

Starbucks, Treasure Valley Roastierre, Moxie Java, Dutch Bros., Dunkin' Donuts, Flying M (Nampa, ID), Kaldis (the Lou), Peets, Tully's,  .... there are sooooooooo many. And I just think this PHOTO says it ALL!! Here's drinkin' with ya!!  do tell what's on your coffee list?!! 
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Lisa said...

That's a great picture! I used to drink ALOT of coffee. I stopped before the whole gourmet thing happened. I would waitress until 11 pm go to the local 24 hour diner (like I needed more restaurant in mu life), & drink with Rose the dishwasher until 5 am. Always ready for a JOG too after a night like that! I LOVED the smell & taste of coffee. Too bad I gave it up. But the memories are sure good. Thanks for the memories.

Maybe that's the happiness in coffee, right? The gatherings & conversations.