Monday, June 7, 2010


What pleases YOU? really! Other than the Bible THIS quote embodies my living and my HOME! I do surround myself with 'things' that please me, memories, stories, glory stories and then when I tire of them ... I pass them along or relocate them to another area of my home. I do scrapbook and I do enjoy that (however, that was NOT always the case!!) .. and my HOME ~ our homes should reflect us the 'all of us!" I have things from Boston, Baltimore, Louisville, St. Louis, Boise, TX, Bangkok ... treasures from friends, great grandparents, from friends grandparents, a cowrug, local-yocal stuff .......... so SURROUND yourself with things that please YOU.  and let me know what floats your boat!! xoxox, m
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Lisa said...

Logically I know this post is true, but I've stopped caring about my home. I can't really see all that well so it hasn't been the focus of my attention. Too bad, cuz I know it bothers my busy husband. At least my kids come home & when they're all here, that's the true MAGIC in our home. It's sort of sad when people come over cuz I know they expect so much more. Oh well. That's my life. It was fun catching up on your blog. When I'm at my mom's I don't have an automatic thing so I loose track of my rituals. PS: We're not doing the motorcycle trip to Alaska. Another time.