Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meeting new people ... Martha Topper

This darlin' woman is a gardner! I was invited to visit her lovely yard. The first photo is of course of Martha telling us about the yard, the second photo is a mexican bird O' paradise (came from Arizona), then roses and so many more lovelies! What stories we all have to tell. She shared with us (shirley & me) the story behind her china. Her husband worked for the Pasadena PD in the early 60's and stopped a robbery at a furniture store. The owner was so grateful that he said his wife could come pick out a set of 8 china. It's made in California USA and for the life of me can't think of the brand ~ I should have wrote it down. FLINTRIDGE CHINA (I had to google it!) Look at the colors, look at the design. As women we are all colorful, full of stories ~~ I vote we share our lives!! Invest in relationships!! xoxo, m

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natalie said...

Wow, I lived less than five miles from Pasadena and I never knew there was a local company who made china!!! Those flowers are GORGEOUS!!!