Thursday, June 10, 2010

A cup of tea .... for me!!

Wow ... LQQK at this beauty! dear friend, Gail, brought it by in a cutie of a gift bag ~ to lift my spirits! What woman doesn't love a new teacup?!! It's black and these are rare ... MARCO stamped on the bottom. Oh how my heart sang a happy tune! Thank you sweet Gail!! tea anyone?
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joven said...

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Lisa said...

That's too cute. I had a friend once, which reminds me that I need to hunt her down. BUt anyways....she used to get sooooo excited about reading peoples tea leaves swirling around in their tea. Have you ever heard of that? I never let her read mine since I'm sort of a weirdo about people "reading" into my business. Hahaha....go figure, when we blog....we let people in our business. LOVE YOU MICHELLE. Hope all is well. It seems like it is since you're really the most cheerful person I've ever met. The cup is always full.