Friday, June 18, 2010

27 years ago .... June 18, 1983

happy 27th anniversary to us! Yep! Thinking of all the special times we've shared, and how much 'richer' we are because of each other ... doing LIFE together ~ TODAY ... is a great day to tell the world having you is the best thing that could have ever have happened to me!! I Cor. 13 .... love never fails!

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Lisa said...

LOok at you guys....! You both look just as happy TODAY as you did on that sacred day of exchanging wedding vows. You can't help but SMILE with JOY in seeing the sheer joy in both of your faces.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! May you enjoy many, many more years of happiness. And I so love that scripture because it is the truest of all our human endowments.

Hope you guys get a chance to do something to CELEBRATE!

natalie said...

Love the pictures! You two look like babies!!! HAPPY, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!

Jann said...

Look at how cute you two go girlfriend!!!!!