Friday, August 28, 2009

trellises & roof!!! ... all in 2 days

UP & UP & UP it goes ... I know .. I just had to share again! about this ... yesterday was the roof trellises and today the roof!! I know it's plywood. But seeing the floorplan come 'alive' is fascinating (to me!). Here's yesterdays and today's progress. have a great weekend. I am blessed in that I am attending the Beth Moore simulcast coming out of Wisconsin ... God's timing!! xoxo, m
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Kim Ross said...

That's amazing, Michelle! I can't believe how fast everything seems to be coming together! WOW!

Sure do miss you!

natalie said...

Tell us about the house Michelle!!! It is so exciting to watch your home come together! Congrats again!

Jann said...

Holy Moly dahlink....this is going WAY faster than I had even imagined. I bet your thrilled. Get those fixtures picked out girlfriend! LOL Glad to see it's going so well.
Hang in there my friend...:o)
Huggers for your Mugger!!!!