Friday, August 7, 2009

dare I share ..... the weather FORECAST?!!!

I've almost adjusted to the 101, even 104 degrees! ghastly as it be ... almost got it! Then the darlin' weatherman said 94 .. and I actually said to myself "self, this DOES feel cooler." Have they tricked/brainwashed me already???? ... BUT, yesterday ... dare I say it was high 80's :X and I felt the cool breeze, saw the orange sunset and said to myself "self, to grab a book and to sit outside and read would be the perfect evening ~ and the thot of grabbing a lightweight blanket entered this brain!" G A S P! in S. Cali even!!! BUT THEN TODAY ... the darlin' weatherman echoed what he said yesterday. double G A S P!! so, tis' being the weekend and all ... so I'm (and darlin' D too!) are going to the Rawhide Baseball game tonight. No sure how I'm supposed to cheer? as I haven't a clue in this truly blonde headO'mine what a Rawhide is .. as in team. I believe they are minor for Tampa Bay ~ who? All I know is the Cardinals and Red Sox. Oh how I am expanding my horizons!! have a great weekend; what might be your agenda FOR YOUR WEEKEND? Dare to share??? xoxox, m

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