Monday, August 10, 2009

MOVIES & fruit!!

I went to the movies with darlin' D and saw Julie & Julia!! It was great!! There was a few oneliners that stayed with me. First, "home is where we are." This is SO TRUE WITH ME. My home has been many locales, yet Home is truly where my heart is ..... The real life pain .... the sillyness of real life ... been there and doing that!! And now there are a few more movies that I want to go see. and FRUIT ... why did I pair these two items. I happen to love the FRUITS this year. Do you think it's because I can get 'fresh' fruit off the trees and vines?!!! yep! And the varieties are incredible. Happy Monday. m
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natalie said...

I can hardly wait to see that movie. I am loving the fruit back here is CHEAP compared to Idaho!!! :)