Friday, August 21, 2009

Among Friendz ... scrapbook store in Visalia

okay ... Among Friendz, owner Kelley McCraken, is a darlin' scrapbook store here in Visalia. My quick story of scrapbooking = I used to make fun of people who did this!! waste of time & money (2 petpeeves O'mine). Then my mentors began to age (imagine that!!) and I didn't want to 'miss' the stories. So, I too began scrapbooking and life hasn't been the same!! I've even done more artistic things than I ever would have imagined!! Then I got a great job as a supervisor at ARCHIVER'S in Boise! loved all the 'goodies"!! and knowledge and artistic talent that surrounded me. So, all of that to say ............. GO VISIT kelley at AMONG FRIENDZ - 5121 w. goshen ave, visalia ca 93291 (559)733-2767

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