Sunday, July 6, 2008

hello .... is this thing on? Is it even working? Well, I'm home!! Celebrated the 4th ~ great concert God & Country ... incredible fireworks. What a great nation ... one nation under God ~ freedom comes with a price. Thank you all who serve our country with honor and pride. IT truly IS WHAT IT IS .... here's my prayer request .... I have never ever ever never ever checked my BIBLE with the airlines, but I figured after all these years, heading home etc. ~~~~> you know what I'm going to say don't you????? My bag never made it to Boise. It's been a week already .... and no signs of it ~ as Doug has said "your bag is somewhere, just someONE has to find it! Well, I've put it in God's hands .... I'm heart-broken losing all my notes and prayer requests with dates and you names within my BIBLE. Maybe it WILL show up, maybe someone has it and needs it more than me (however, they will never be able to understand my symbols and notes to myself!) .... and maybe, it's time for me to move forward. Hope you all will help me with that one!! Sorry for the delay in blogging .... my 'puter was deathly gravely ill and I think I'm up and running again. bye m'
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