Sunday, July 20, 2008

and "it" BEGINS ....

You know those times when someone asks you, "so, what are strengths, gifts and/or talents?" I usually get a dazed looked on my face and begin to think ... what are my strengths, gifts and/or talents. I know that I know that I know (you know what I mean!) that I love people, and I so enjoy conversing about anything, anywhere with anyone! and I know I can fund-raise. I've done this all throughout the boys schooldays (shout out to the Lafayette High School Parents!) ~ so .... now my fund-raising for Lesotho, S. Africa BEGINS .... oh, it was a long day ~ fun day ~ met some people so now I have a face with a name .... we began to work as a team. Wow! it went well! Of course, I did my simple debrief as how to tweak it and make it better for the next time ~ which reminds me, YOU ALL NEED TO COME OUT FOR THE NEXT PASTA FEED! The fellowship time was great too!! Thank you to all .... Doug became the chef in the house and browned/seasoned 10 pounds of ground beef. It was yummy .... then he loaded ... shelped a car load of pots & pans, pasta water, etc. etc. etc. to the church by 8:30 this AM and blessed his heart didn't get home until almost 2:30PM. What a man ... and he's my man! (bragging rights allowed) STOP BY OFTEN, as I will continue to update about S. Africa and other dailyness with me! And, BTW we did sell African jewelry made by the children .... I didn't get to buy one piece!! next time I'm first in line! xoxOxo m

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