Saturday, July 12, 2008

summary ... of my JUNE

This is my favO'rite photo of Doug and me ... his nickname is MOSV = man of steel and man of velvet! Tis' so true.
and I love this photo b/c we don't eat out when we are in Maui. This be boy meets grill, but wait ... I love to grill to ..... so that would be grill girl!!! and we have fun cooking together too.
I commented that I thought and even believe that God's zipcode is this ....96753. I feel "closer" to Him when I am here ... being near the ocean, being just in "tune" .... if that makes sense! Where do you feel closest to your Creator? What joys do you enjoy being with Him?
and then there are these. I love to buy Old Navy flip-flops because they are good quality and the price is right and then I bling 'em out or decorate with ribbons .... and then I can toss 'em when they get guncky from the seawater and seasalt! I love this photo .... I took it myself! have a great weekend.

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