Monday, July 28, 2008

Mondays ..... weigh ins!

first week went well .... I almost cried over mashed potatoes and rolls being served to my men!! survived through that! .... I am beginning to enjoy oatmeal (this in the past has always and only been used for medicinal purposes .... ) and the H20 is flowing!! SURVIVAL means I lost 7 pounds. And now, the journey begins. You do know that first week is just a catapult (sp?) into real life and so it's time to put the nose to the grindstone (sounds harmful) ... and kick it into gear! and BTW, let me remind you all out there in blogland this weight"game" is for my health ... to be stronger and get off meds (I ain't gettin' any younger!!) ... so ~ here's to another week!!

Let me know how you are doing!!

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Jann said...

Ahe the "weight game"...know it well darlink...LOL
CONGRATS on the 7 pounds...OMGosh...that is fabosous!
Have a wonderful Monday and know that you are thought of well and with warmth...:o)