Monday, July 21, 2008

DIETERS unite .... let's get this done together

dearest ones .... I have sucessfully lost 60ish pounds over the last year! BUT, (I hate that word b/c it means there is going to be a TO DO after it!) it is FINALLY time to get the rest of this fat off of my body. I do realize I am a motivator/encourager .... so I am asking any of you DIETERS out there in blogworld to join me. A few rules ~~~> 1. you must weigh yourself weekly 2. you need to be using a healthful way of dieting (that rules out the potato/vodka diet, the cabbage diet etc.) 3. we need to check in ideally EOW (every other week) ... but MONTHLY works and lastly, 4. journal and charting your success is a MUST ... weight loss is hard work! I had an astronaut tell me years ago that the hardest job he ever did was to lose weight!! Imagine that! So, dear dieters ~~~ here we go ~~~~~ anytakers? I've begun today, as we unite .... we become more successful b/c of your knowledge and strength (and humor) together. Setting small goals is IMPORTANT.
My goal this week is to eat well (5 minis a day) and drink and enjoy my water daily.
MY PERSONAL GOAL IS TO LOSE 33 pounds. Here's to a thinner more healthier all of us!!!

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LoRi said...

what a coincidence. i got back on the diet train today. went to the gym, drank 2 bottles of water. so far so good, BUT it's not even noon yet!