Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reader (that's me!) Ramblings ....

have you ever seen Pineapple Mint bloom?!! me neither ... so, here YOU go!! this is it BLOOMING!!! and a bottle brush plant .. I've never owned one of these either until moving here ~ I call it the toilet brush plant! doesn't it look like a toilet brush? and a double (DOUBLE!) rainbow .. after we got rain! yep, S. Cali got rain ~ not alot but enough for God to send this rainbow. And lastly, LAUNDRY .. we all do it! So, I bought this silly 'steam ball' .. thinkin' NO WAY is this going to work (joyfully purchased at the 99  cent store!) ~ but, wallah ~ it did work! Oh, and BTW, I do use resolve on my spots! end O' ramblings!!

photos did NOT come through ~ another time then

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