Monday, October 4, 2010

Reader (that's me!) Ramblings ....

Darlin' D fondly remembers his mother drinking A&W creme sodas! And I just had to purchase the Diet A&W rootbeer! it was 1.99/ 12 pack! I loved rootbeer as a kid!! and it's caffeine FREE (sp?) .. sometimes, don't cha know I need LESS stimulus! Next photo ... I take these ~ and only ONE store in town carries it. DARNITALL ... they were out! Well, shuck my corn .. what am I to do now???? I called all over ... I mean ALL OVER ~ even, into Fresno. Then an idea popped into my brain (see, I take these for a 'more sense of clarity') to search online. So, I did. I found a site that is more than half the cost and a small shipping charge. Duh Duh Duh ... call me blonde (naturally), call me sillyNilly or just call me!!! okay .. next the last 2 photos ~ took Darlin' D to the new food store in town (I love it!) and this is what I saw. Crawdaddy's ~ don't we use this as good fishin' bait? and then ... octopus ~ I ain't NEVER (I can say NEVER cause I know!) NEVER gonna cook it. Now, I may eat it but never in a blue moon will this girl COOK it. Enjoy your Monday .. have a happy week. m

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