Tuesday, October 5, 2010

LUNCH .... great place!!

I'm still highlighting Vallarata food store. These are only in CA ... so I gotta brag b/c it's one thing I have in town that YOU DON'T!!! Lunch ... what a great place to grab a quality meal and at a great price. And the salsa is excellente' ... if I say so myself!! So, you grab a plate lunch, sit and enjoy it ... then meander (that's a slow walk) to the bakery and a piece o' pie ~ the selection is overwhelming ... however, YOU make your selection and sit and enjoy! Then go ... shop for the food you need to take home! The meat market is amazingly surprising ~ fresh made and tons of selections. It's worth a visit. I'll be honest ... some things are a GREAT deal, some things are just metza metza (just okay), and some things are NOT a good deal at all. Wise shopping ~ is an educated consumer!!   Oh .. and BTW, I do NOT work for them ~ I just enjoy a good food store!! know what I mean???

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