Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the Willshire Hotel ... Beverly Hills

The Willshire Hotel is where "Pretty Woman" was filmed with Julia Roberts. So the 3 of us went to have a drink ... Darlin' D toasted to 'their pretty woman' ~ me (he's such a romantic ~~ always, has been!) and we drank!! I saw an unusual pink bottle ~ caught my eye ~ so we asked the bartender what it was? He showed it to us, opened the bottle and gave us a shot ... FREE. It's a botanical vodka ~ sounds nasty, because it tastes nasty too! Whew, glad that's over!! the florals in the hotel were stunning! And the last photo, is just a photo from the front of the hotel. Well, it's supposed to be hotter than blue blazes tis afternoon ~ and by that I mean 108 degrees ... so, for now I'm off to run my errands! have a great day, m

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