Tuesday, August 10, 2010

scripture ....

I get asked "what is your favO'rite Bible verse?" The answer is "YES!" I have so many ... depending on where I am, what I've just studied, whom and what we've just prayed over ... this one jets to the top O' my list .. b/c it's about God's word. I can get lost in scripture ... I totally enjoy investing time in my Bible. So ... what about YOU? do you have a favO'rite?? I should mention ... for my family I've taken their physical birthday dates and linked them to a verse in the Bible ~ trying to mirror the personality with the verse! I foundly call these LIFE VERSES. Beloved baby man child loved his so much that he had a sweet friend (Teri W. in St. Louis) embroider it on his varsity jacket! What about YOU????
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Lisa said...

Reading Scriptures is spending time with our Savior. I love how we can read them every day for the rest of our lives and always learn something new. I also love how there are so many promises to us if we will simply follow Him & keep the commandments. I'm glad you posted this as here it is after midnight & I haven't read from the scriptures yet! Thank You for the reminder! Hope you have a GREAT WEEK.