Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Roadtrip & Bucket List item

OK ... we hit the road on Saturday and drove to SF! enjoyed the wharf and pier! Then went to Dennis Rae Fine Art Gallery on Beach Street to a meet & greet with Thomas Arvid. He is a painter of wine. I 'discovered' his art about 4 years ago in Seattle. I saw a painting of 4 wine bottles from Ste. Michelle's winery and was captivated by the artwork and the talent. Well........... fast forward ~ we met Thomas and what a great guy and tremondous self-taught artist!! and who doesn't enjoy and great glass of wine with friends. Aahhh tis' life ... and life is grand!

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Lisa said...

AWESOME!!! That is so wonderful that you were able to meet him & do SF all in the same weekend! YOU GO GIRL!