Wednesday, August 11, 2010

bedspread .... my thoughts on SALES

Okay ... if you ever want to know what will be on sale ask me. Seriously, I went to said store (K_H_'s) and spent a pretty penny on this lovely Chaps French Riveria King (not CA King - there's another story from another store!!)  bedspread and 4 decorative pillows. My man loves LOVES a good lookin' bedspread in the master bedroom. And I will tell you ... it looks fanTabUlous and totally changes and makes the room. Well, dontcha just know ... 2 days later .. it's on SALE at said store with 2 FREE decorative pillows. Now, why didn't the cashier or salesperson tell me I could save boooocooo (that's a LOT) of money if I just wait until the sales fliers comes out in the mail on Monday? That's my 2 cents worth!! So, tell me what does your bedspread look like? I do enjoy mine!!! have a great day .... m
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Lisa said...

You know you could probably take that receipt of yours back & tell them to credit your account. My sil is famous for doing that. It's easier than taking the merchandise back & buying it back for cheaper. But that is annoying when that happens. Can't say much about my bedspread just cuz I'm a bad decorator.

Donaldson family said...

Michelle you can take the receipt back and they will honor the new price and I think even give you the pillows. I have price adjustments done alot.

Michelle ~ said...

well zippy do da!!! I took both of your advice and YES! got credit and the pillows!! Now I'm even more happy with the bed!!