Monday, May 17, 2010

Sundays .... are for

are for Church, helping out friends, visitin' with my neighbors and fiddling (guitarin' & singin' too!!). Okay, busy day Sunday was ... yet fun too!! went to church ... sermon series is "The other 6 days" ~ in that ALL that we do is for God!! we minister wherever we are! then off to help a friend with their home .. then back home to have a BBQ with the our next door neighbors who just happen to know Roger Miller's brother. He's the guy with the fiddle. And Shirley's Best O'Friend is Ann. She's the one with the guitar. And then Ann's husband got into the act by singing!! fun and fun and more fun!!! Sunday's ... are for ___________! xoxox, m
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Lisa said...

WOW! That does look like a lot of fun. I LOVE SUNDAYS too. I don't have any musical skills but I sure LOVE music & people who can play. How awseom to have that next door!