Monday, May 17, 2010

Fleming's in Fresno on Saturday

What an incredible evening I had on Saturday. As a rule I ALWAYS have my camera with me ... but for some reason I didn't. We met up with the folks from Georgia Pacific for dinner at Fleming's. I have never been to Fleming's so I was anxiously anticipating the evening. It was WONDERFUL, and as darlin' D would say the company was even better. I am enthralled with the artist Thomas Arvid and this place had 6 (yes! I counted them!!) of them. I did walk around and enjoyed all six of them. And then the appetizers were excellent ~ crabcakes on a hot summer night not to mention superb wine ... it gets better! Off the menu they served lobster mashed potatoes! NOT only have I only read about these but I've never made them and/or tasted them. Well, scratch that off the bucket list. They were yummoooOOOooooooooOOO so good. Now, who would have thought of combining lemon and gingersnaps? Into a frozen dessert ~ it just kept getting better. And the people ... fascinating!! YOU know me .. I love to meet and greet people. To know their stories, their lives and their families. And what do you think happened?!! I totally lost track of time .. I hadn't a clue as the time. When I walked out of the lovely back room we dined in .. I told darlin' D that the place had cleared out ~ he informed me that is was 10:30PM and we had a 45 minute drive home. WOW ~ that doesn't happen to me very often. An adventure! and too too much fun! without photos. sorry!

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Lisa said...

Flemings did have great food which surprised me in a very good way. I'm glad you mentioned the artist so I can google his stuff and get a closer look at it.

We really enjoyed your & Darlin' D's company. LOL! Looking forward to the next get together! Keep bloggin' girl! Love reading it!